Delayed Maternity Program

Late pregnancy - today this phenomenon occurs quite often. Women, for various reasons, postpone the birth of a child "for later" - career, financial component, housing conditions, etc. However, the reproductive system functions decrease with age, and the quality of the eggs deteriorates, which can lead to problems with the conception of the child, or with the chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus.

The ability to give birth to a child at virtually any age has become a reality thanks to the freezing of eggs (ultrafast freezing of cells at extremely low temperatures). Vitrification differs from classical freezing in that the liquid inside the eggs does not turn into crystals, thus does not harm living tissue, but immediately goes into a “sleeping” state, which guarantees the integrity of the oocytes after they are thawed after any number of years.

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Preserving your biological material is a kind of insurance for the future. If a girl is not ready to become a mother at a given time, or she has given birth to her first child and wants to postpone the second birth, without losing the potential of healthy eggs, she can use the “delayed motherhood” program and provide herself with her own healthy, young genetic material for more late term.