School of expectant mothers

Pregnancy is an exciting period in a woman’s life. It is in anticipation of a child that women tend to experience the most fears and experiences. Unfortunately, today there is a lot of unreliable and contradictory information, which can either frighten the expectant mother, or, on the contrary, put her vigilance to sleep. Therefore, it is very important to receive information from professionals.

School for expectant mothers is a great opportunity to talk with experts in an informal setting and get answers to the matters of concern. Our doctors will tell you everything about pregnancy and behavior during this period, ad will also help to prepare for childbirth.

The main objectives of the School of psychological preparation of the family for the birth of a child are:

  • informing the family about psychological aspects related to the course of pregnancy and childbirth
  • formation of the attitude of a woman to childbirth, as a natural physiological process
  • decrease in the level of anxiety of women over the outcome of pregnancy and childbirth
  • future mother's motivation for breastfeeding a child
  • raising awareness of future mothers about the features of psychophysical development, nutrition and child care in the first year of life
  • strengthening family relations
  • We will help you choose the right maternity hospital and a doctor who will provide expert assistance during childbirth.
Our clinic will help you

Occupation Topics:

·         Lesson 1. Changes in the body of a woman related to pregnancy:

·         Features of physiological changes in a woman's body in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and during labor

·         Identification of psychological problems associated with the upcoming childbirth, and experiences in deciding to become a mother. Formation of readiness for childbirth

·         Woman's diet during pregnancy and lactation

Session 2. Psychological features of women during pregnancy and childbirth. Postpartum psychological crises:

Interaction with the baby during pregnancy

Behavior during labor, labor, labor

Pain prevention. Breathing exercises for muscle relaxation using hatha yoga techniques. Creating a resource state to increase endurance

Specialized gymnastics (15 minutes)

Lesson 3. Childbirth. The occurrence and suppression of pain in childbirth:

Acquaintance with behavior in the conditions of the operation “Cesarean section”

Anesthesia, its importance and peculiarities of childbirth

Organization of partner childbirth

Specialized gymnastics (15 minutes)

Lesson 4. Breastfeeding. Feeding women during pregnancy and lactation:

Fees to the hospital. What to bring with you?

Elimination of negative emotions associated with childbirth. Overcoming anxiety within yourself.

Breastfeeding basics. Training.

Features of interaction with newborns.

Specialized gymnastics (15 minutes)

Session 5. Child of the first year of life:

How to prepare for meeting your baby at home?

Independent interaction with the child

Adaptation to changes in body and lifestyle associated with the appearance of the child. Destruction of previous stereotypes

Specialized gymnastics (15 minutes)

Cost of classes - 25 000 tenge

Classes are held on Wednesdays from 14:30 to 16:00


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