Urology and Andrology

What is andrology? In fact, this is the field of urology. But if urology is engaged in the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system as a whole, then andrology studies purely "male" problems.

According to statistics, about half of cases of infertility are "man is to blame". PERSONA International Clinical Reproductive Center provides effective treatment for male infertility, which gives many couples a chance to become happy parents.

Our center uses the most modern methods of treating "male" diseases. Experienced specialists in the shortest possible time will help to make an accurate diagnosis and conduct high-quality therapy, as well as teach effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Our clinic will help you

In our work we use a personalized approach to each patient, and this distinguishes us from many other clinics. Our patients are under the supervision of an urologist-andrologist not only in the process of treatment, but throughout the entire rehabilitation period to the maximum possible restoration of the functions of the organs of the genitourinary system.

Our experts will help you in solving such problems as:

  • inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system (urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis, vesiculitis, balanoposthitis, pyelonephritis, etc.)
  • sexually transmitted diseases (including latent infections)
  • benign neoplasms of the organs of the genitourinary system (prostate adenoma, etc.)
  • male infertility

Highly professional urologists-andrologists of the PERSONA center will help to return a high-quality full life to a man.